We begin our growth in the deep comfort of darkness.
— Robin Rose Bennett

Those who learn to struggle live courageous, full, and satisfying lives. Why? Because by embracing the struggle (the "mud"), moving through it and learning how to use it, you discover how to heal and succeed. 

Have you ever been driving and literally gotten stuck in the mud? Mud reduces the amount of traction your tires have. Reduced enough, you can’t move. The common reaction is to accelerate in hopes that with enough speed one can free themselves from the mud. But this does not work.  Speed doesn’t help.  In fact it can make things worse by bogging us down even deeper in the mud.

The keys to freedom really lie in your ability to understand that being bogged down by the mud causes a reduction in traction, and knowing the various ways you can go about regaining it.  

When you understand what is happening and know what to do, getting stuck in the mud doesn’t hold you back for long.  It’s when you don’t know what is happening or how to fix it that you feel anxious, stressed and impatient, trying to force your way out, which sends mud flying in every direction but keeps you stuck in place- and in serious need of a car wash.

"There is the mud and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud. We need the mud in order to make the lotus."

-Thich Nhat Hanh

In life, you also face obstacles that cause you to get stuck. These obstacles are the “mud” of life. This mud presents as fear, doubt, lack of clarity, poor habits, rumination, emotionally painful events, life transitions, limiting beliefs, and guilt- it feels very dark!  When stuck in life’s mud, you begin engaging in self-criticism, perfectionism, and negative self-talk, spinning your mental wheels in the mud and going nowhere. But a simple mind shift can change everything. 

"We seldom become all of who we are until forced to it. "

- Mark Nepo

Life’s mud will always be. I believe that this is something you can be grateful for because your most difficult and painful experiences are often your greatest strengtheners and preparers. Your struggles offer great opportunity for learning, growth and progress. You can use your struggles- past and present- to become your best self and live a beautiful life.  

Wouldn't you prefer to learn how to navigate through the mud- even to embrace it- rather than try to avoid it, which is impossible? I believe most people never even come close to achieving the things they are capable of achieving in their lives, in large part due to chronic avoidance of struggle and discomfort- avoidance of the dark depths of the nourishing mud.

Learning to embrace the mud, trust it, and compassionately navigate yourself through it and back into motion isn't easy and requires some help. Working with a coach- someone trained to help you see things you wouldn't see on your own- makes all the difference. I incorporate and teach mindfulness practice in my work, as well as other techniques, to help you access your "wise mind" and free yourself from thoughts, feelings, and habits that keep you stuck and stand in the way of your success. 

I will help you learn to use that mud, however it presents in your life. Whatever it is you ultimately desire for your life, whether you know what that is right now or not, I will help you achieve it.

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