"I was mostly looking for relationship advice and ways to continue to grow as an individual - but I was also interested in business advice - so all around thought Dara would be a great fit for a life coach. It has been great! She has helped me overcome a number of things already (not only how to deal with specific life situations, but ways of overcoming overwhelm and getting out of creative ruts)- she also helps me stay grounded and continue growing! I feel like I gain so much from our conversations. I continuously find myself going back to the principles/things we talk about on a regular basis. Knowing that I can go to her for any life situation (personal, relational, professional, etc.) has been a huge blessing in my life and even in a short amount of time feel like I have grown so much- and it's all thanks to Dara!"

Krista- San Francisco, CA

"My parents encouraged me to work with Dara. Coaching with her has been eye-opening and given me a safe place to talk. It has really helped me with self worth, my physical and emotional self, and just making me feel better and more comfortable in my skin."

Ashton, 14- Sunnyvale, CA

Kelly- Asheville, NC

"I had been unhappy for a long time but could never move forward because I hadn’t decided what I wanted for myself. Dara is so easy to talk to and I felt a connection right away. I definitely felt comfortable sharing with her and being vulnerable, which is something I needed. Working with her has made me more confident in myself and I stopped ignoring myself. When I take care of me, I can take care of those I love.” 

Cory- Portland, OR

"As an entrepreneur of 3 years, I have successfully founded multiple companies that have proved to be exceptionally challenging both personally and professionally. No matter how 'in balance' I believed myself to be through meditation and mental hygiene, Dara found a way to take me deeper. Her insights and suggestions have helped me discover transcendent self-esteem - a fundamental belief in myself and my capabilities that will take the rest of my lifetime to unfold and enjoy. Hell yes Coach Dara, HELL YES!"

Rebecca- Black Mountain, NC

"Dara helped me to set and reach new goals in my life.  I had taken care of my mom before she passed and it had been a traumatic experience.  I was stuck and lost.  Dara helped me to move on with my life in a positive  direction filled with healing.  The reading assignments and journal entries helped keep me focused and moving forward.  She was there whenever I needed her, always making time for me.  Without Mud coaching I know I would still be stuck and depressed.  I have reached my goals and am now able to set new ones continue my journey with a peace of mind and an open heart.  Dara is still there for me and I will continue to use her as a coach when I need.  She helped me live again.  She gave me the tools and insights for me to be my best and keep learning.  I will forever be grateful."

Kate, 19- Kamas, UT

"Dara is an incredible coach and human being. My work with her over a six week period helped me to clarify my goals, values, and strengths. I feel centered, prepared, and capable after my transformative experience with Mud Coaching."

"Dara recently helped me with coaching for my small business and provided wonderful insight, guidance, and comfort during a stressful time. She is well versed in positive psychology coaching and does a great job of applying coaching methods to real life situations. She asked meaningful and thought provoking questions, gave me positive feedback I needed to hear, and pushed me to prioritize and stick to a plan to get through a time of being overwhelmed with work. She's extremely professional, thorough, and kind. I loved working with her and would highly recommend her services!"

Chelsea- Durham, NC

"Going to a life coach wasn't something I ever thought I would do. As a successful business owner I feel confident, self motivated and love to challenge myself. I found myself feeling frustrated and confused when I began to procrastinate - for a year - on a professional project I really wanted to do. It made no sense to me. When I want to do something I typically would just do it or at the least, try. Not this time. For whatever reason I kept procrastinating and doing literally anything else during the time I set aside for the project. I have friends who have worked with coaches with great success so I reached out to Dara. I was drawn to her unique positive success coaching style and philosophy. It was the best decision I could have made. Not only did I make strides on the project, I ended up learning so much more about myself than I anticipated through her sessions, strategies and insightful recommendations. After only a handful of coach sessions I was able to begin the project and am now equipped with tools to embrace these types of struggles in the future. My advice - don't wait a year like I did! If you are feeling stuck - Call Dara."

Bokhara- San Francisco, CA

"I first found Mud Coaching through my family. I used to be an extremely positive and upbeat individual but fell into a downward spiral of negativity and annoyance. My brother and mom helped me to realize my need to change and someone to guide me to a better way of life.  My schedule is hectic because I work as an independent contractor but Dara worked with me every week to set our meetings up during my free time. From mental to physical health, Dara helped me dig deep and find the way back to my true self. I never thought I would want or need a life coach but now I can't believe how people go through life without one! Dara helped me to discover my true values and strengths and how to use them to balance all aspects of my life, from personal and professional relationships to spirituality. I've finished 6 sessions with Dara and will begin another 6 sessions in the coming weeks. I'm finally back to my happy and healthy self, even the Chipotle worker complimented my smile and happiness. And then the Great Harvest Bread Co. employee. And then the Walmart employee! Dara brought me into a virtuous cycle of love and positivity and I'll never be able to thank her enough for the priceless lessons and love. I look forward to her continuous and positive influence in my life and hope you let her do the same for you!"

Christine- Asheville, NC