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What clients are saying...

"I had been unhappy for a long time but could never move forward because I hadn’t decided what I wanted for myself. Dara is so easy to talk to and I felt a connection right away. I definitely felt comfortable sharing with her and being vulnerable, which is something I needed. Working with her has made me more confident in myself and I stopped ignoring myself. When I take care of me, I can take care of those I love.” -Kelly, Asheville, NC

"Dara helped me to discover my true values and strengths and how to use them to balance all aspects of my life, from personal and professional relationships to spirituality. I've finished 6 sessions with Dara and will begin another 6 sessions in the coming weeks." -Christine, Asheville, NC

"As an entrepreneur of 3 years, I have successfully founded multiple companies that have proved to be exceptionally challenging both personally and professionally. No matter how 'in balance' I believed myself to be through meditation and mental hygiene, Dara found a way to take me deeper." -Cory, Portland, OR

Juggling it all but losing yourself in the process?

With so much to manage in our lives, it's common to lose a sense of balance and even ourselves. You might already be wondering if it's possible to take care of everything and everyone without sacrificing your own needs, or otherwise be riddled with guilt all the time. The truth is, with a little help (yes, you need help, too!) you can begin to have a balanced life.

Learn to live in an integrated way without guilt.

Life Balance Coaching will help you:

... Enhance your self-awareness and clarify needs

... Discover your strengths and how to use them to support a balanced life

... Expand your perspective toward your larger purpose

... Form an integrated approach to daily life that supports your purpose

... Transition from a perfection to wholeness mindset

... Form realistic habits and rituals of self-care

Dara offers life coach services online. She is a Life Balance Coach for entrepreneurs, professionals, parents, and students.