Shy teenager

What clients are saying...

"Working with Dara has been eye-opening and given me a safe place to talk. It has really helped me with self worth, my physical and emotional self, and just making me feel better and more comfortable in my skin." -Ashton, 14

"Dara is an incredible coach and human being. My work with her over a six week period helped me to clarify my goals, values, and strengths. I feel centered, prepared, and capable after my transformative experience with Mud Coaching." -Kate, 19

Worried about your teen or young adult?

The teen years are often a time of debilitating insecurity and self-consciousness. For some teens, lack of confidence and focus is frustrating and discouraging. This painful time is a struggle for parents, too!

I help Young people:

... Build character to foster deep self-respect

... Replace self-criticism and doubt with self-compassion

... Build motivation by identifying values, strengths & desires

... Adopt a wholeness mindset (over perfection)

... Communicate skillfully and resolve conflicts

… Learn to set and achieve self-congruent goals

... Form healthy lifestyle habits

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is a very delicate period. I offer my young clients a safe space to explore themselves and their inner and outer experiences without worry of judgment, shame, or intimidation. I serve as a compassionate and curious guide on their journey to self-awareness and personal growth.

When working with teens, I also support their parents and guardians to help them understand how to enable and promote the ongoing development of the youth’s healthy self-esteem and positive personal evolution by offering tools and strategies that foster trust, openness and connection.