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What is Essential Self-Love?

Essential Self-Love is the balance between shaping a strong personal identity and nurturing your connection to and the needs of others. An imbalance in either direction creates dysfunction internally & externally. Balance creates peace, success, & joy.

Essential Self-Love is an integrated process of self-love which honors the feminine and masculine- the desires for both soulful connection and a strong personal identity. Both are required for healthy love of self and others to flourish. 

For many, self-love often feels indulgent, selfish and even wrong. Self-love is often presented as being love that is separate from loving others, but it is not. It is entirely possible, and even essential, that we connect with ourselves and others completely- with neither being more important than the other.  

Essential self-love is not about making a choice between self-love and other-love. It's living in a way that enables love to flow from all directions at all times by giving to self and others, and receiving from self and others, joyfully.


Yang/Masculine Energy

      External                                                               Transcendence                                                 Father Spirit                                                       Culture                                                                 Thinking                                                               Logic                                                                     Assertion                                                             Individual                                                             Rigid                                                                     Go                                                                           Outcome                                                             Peak Experience

The Foundation of Essential Self-Love

"I strive for acceptance of, belief in, compassion toward, devotion to, and evolution of myself and others."  


Accept the whole reality of who you are.  Accept those you love completely.


Believe in your ability to direct your own path. Trust others to direct themselves.


Be friendly toward and gentle with yourself. Forgive others freely.  


Commit fully to your own well-being.  Allow others to practice self-love.


Keep growing because you care about yourself. Support the growth of others.

Are you ready to commit to Essential Self-Love? 


     Yin/Feminine Energy

                  Internal                                                               Shadow                                                                 Mother Earth                                                     Nature                                                                 Feeling                                                                 Intuition                                                               Attraction                                                           Collective                                                           Flexible                                                                 Flow                                                                       Process                                                                 Sustainability