Shy teenager

What clients are saying...

“Our family life has become much more peaceful since coaching with Dara. The open communication in our family has been a blessing and our girls are taking responsibility for their choices, good and bad. I am beyond thrilled with the growth and self awareness the girls are experiencing. I also started coaching with Dara which has really helped me see what I bring to the family dynamic. I can't say enough about how life coaching with Dara has done for our family. It's been like getting a tool box to navigate life, very thankful!” -Michelle

"Working with Dara has been eye-opening and given me a safe place to talk. It has really helped me with self worth, my physical and emotional self, and just making me feel better and more comfortable in my skin." -Ashton, 14

"Dara is an incredible coach and human being. My work with her over a six week period helped me to clarify my goals, values, and strengths. I feel centered, prepared, and capable after my transformative experience with Mud Coaching." -Kate, 19

Worried about your teen or young adult?

Today’s teens and young adults are experiencing significantly higher levels of anxiety, stress, and depression than previous generations. My mission is to help young people learn to care for their physical and emotional selves so that they can confidently pursue their dreams and fully enjoy their lives.

Dara helps today’s youth prepare for the responsibilities and challenges of adult life by helping them connect with themselves, build character, form healthy habits, set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, honestly self-reflect, express themselves, resolve conflicts, manage money, build healthy relationships, and so much more.

Dara’s young clients learn to:

... Build character and foster deep self-respect

... Take responsibility for their choices and face difficult outcomes

... Motivate themselves by identifying values, strengths & desires

... Adopt a wholeness mindset (over perfection)

... Communicate skillfully and resolve conflicts

…Set and achieve self-congruent goals

... Form healthy lifestyle habits

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is a very delicate period. Dara offers her young clients a safe space to explore themselves and their inner and outer experiences without worry of judgment or shame. She serves as a compassionate guide on their journey to self-awareness, growth, and independence.

When working with teens, she also supports their parents and guardians to help them understand how to enable and promote the ongoing development of the youth’s healthy self-esteem and positive personal evolution by offering tools and strategies that foster trust, openness and connection.