17 Reasons 2017 Will Be The Best Year of Your Life

I'm no regular clairvoyant, but I've got a premonition. I'm seeing you in 2017 and let me just tell you- you are unstoppable! Seriously, you are on fire.  Something has changed in you and, holy cow, just wait till you see. Here are the 17 causes of your unstoppable-ness in the coming year: 

1. You are beautiful inside and out, and you finally see that.

2. You think of your future self. You take good care of yourself now by exercising and eating healthy food (most of the time, because pizza) so you don't suffer later, and you also make wise financial choices so that you're not broke when you can't/don't want to work anymore.

3. You are self-compassionate.  Hey, you're not perfect- and you accept that! You no longer beat yourself up when you make a mistake. That's life. Everybody makes mistakes. These days you learn from it and you move on.

4. You forgive. You know other people's hurtful choices are about them, not you! You may choose to say goodbye, but you don't hold a grudge. 

5. You say you're sorry. You're all love like that! You own your own bad choices, and if you hurt someone that is so not okay with you and you want them to know it.

6.  You don't compare yourself to others. You've engaged in that torturous bullcrap (who hasn't?), but you are much wiser now.  You set your own standards and you strive to live up to them. That's your focus.

7. Savoring is the new worrying in your life. There was a time when you'd obsess about getting this done, and how that thing will go... yada, yada, but you've replaced worry with awe, savoring the simple moments of life instead of worrying about outcomes. You do your best, and what will come, will come.  Life is too short to worry all the time!

8. You accept yourself fully right now. You understand that accepting yourself as you are does not mean you don't want to change and grow. It means that you are there for yourself- that you have your own back- no matter what. 

9.  Stress no longer leaves you a mess. Once you feel the overwhelm coming on, you know it's time to take a break- yes, even if you don't have time for a break! Why? Because you get that once you're overwhelmed, you're no longer capable of optimal performance. Plus, it's bad for your health.  Future-self- remember?! You do. 

10. Changing other people is no longer on your agenda. You get it now- you have zero control over what other people do or don't do.  And even if you did, you appreciate that really loving someone is accepting them as they are- yes, just as you accept yourself! Same deal. You encourage the people you love to be themselves, and you show them that it's safe to do that with you.

11. You replace judgment with curiosity. You've learned that everyone is fighting a hard battle, and you don't always know the ins and outs of why someone says, does and thinks the way they do. So rather than judging them, you express sincere interest in them so that you can understand them better. Yes, you're that amazing. 

12. That stuff that once scared you and had you running in the opposite direction you now go head-to-head with. That's right, you face your fears! You've discovered a powerful secret- that the best way to gain courage and confidence is to do the things that scare you.

13. You know what matters to you. You are 100% clear on your values. You know that without this clarity, you could very easily end up pursuing things and relationships in life that are wrong for you. Now you can you make good decisions, set meaningful goals and use your time wisely. I think you even hired a life coach to help you with this! Wait, I'm seeing her... her name is Dara Horstkemper! (What??... I know, shameless! ;))

14. Complaining?  What's that? Oh right, that thing you used to do a long, long time ago that you have no space for in your life anymore! This doesn't mean you don't get down about things in your life sometimes. Sure you do! But you're not one to moan about your problems. Instead you brainstorm solutions, set goals, and take steps to solve them. I'm pretty sure you called your life coach to help out here too.  

15. You show up for others. If there is one thing you've learned in life it's that much of the misery people feel comes from self-obsession. You're not one to fall into this trap. In fact, you are always looking for ways to be there for the people in your life, and even strangers who need a helping hand. 

16. You say thank you- a lot! You're incredibly grateful for all the things in your life- the big and the small pleasures, the big and the small problems, the people who are here now and those who have gone, the sunny days and the rainy days, the triumphs and the losses, the happiness and the sadness. You see the value in it all.

17. You don't give up. No way, not when something really matters to you. When you commit to something or someone, you honor that completely. You give it all you've got, because that's who you are. 

So, as you can see, you're going to have the best damn year of your life! I mean, look how powerful you are! Yes, that is you. The very best you. The successful, happy you. The unstoppable you. 

I can't wait to see what you accomplish. 

Xx, Dara