How Life Coaching Helps Men Thrive

Are you a man wondering what you can get out of working with a men’s life coach? This post will explain how you can benefit from the experience.

Men Need Life Coaching

What Do Life Coaches Do?

Let me start with the general value a coach brings. The three primary things life coaches do are help you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and make positive changes in your life.

A good coach will help you identify what intrinsically motivates you deep down and bring that to the surface. They will guide you through a skillful process of inquiry meant to reveal previously unseen and unrealized aspects of yourself, new possibilities, and fresh ideas and solutions. You will gain increased self-awareness, a clear sense of direction, more relationship satisfaction, and an overall boost in wellbeing and happiness.

How Does Life Coaching Help Men?

I find men are generally goal-oriented and up for a challenge. When things don’t turn out as you intend, it can be difficult to clearly identify what exactly is causing you to get stuck. This can happen professionally, relationally, and with regard to lifestyle. It’s something all people struggle with because each of us has a limited single perspective that, from within a struggle, becomes even more restricted. We’re also not very good at seeing ourselves accurately. Having an outside perspective really helps. A relationship with a men’s life coach can make a huge difference.

“Everybody needs a coach.”- Eric Schmidt, Former CEO of Google

A strength I’ve noticed male clients often have is the ability to stay focused and to see things through. This perseverance, or grit, is such an incredible strength to have. I call it a super strength because it’s critical for high personal and professional success. But what I tell all my clients is that strengths can sometimes be weaknesses, too. A laser sharp focus in one direction can lead to massive success in that area, but to neglect and ultimately breakdown in other areas. For instance, if there’s a deep devotion to and focus on professional success then your relational or physical health can suffer if not mindfully attended to.

Having a regular coaching appointment on the calendar with your men’s life coach is a solid way to broaden your view and assess all of the areas of your life and wellbeing and identify where attention is required on a regular basis. This is both an effective preventative and corrective measure to take. If certain areas of your life have already begun taking a hit, it’s not too late to course correct and rebuild success with just a little bit of consistent attention. You’ll no longer suffer the consequence for the things you forget to remember!

I’ve had men tell me that they feel like they are working very hard, both at work and home, but it doesn’t seem like quite enough. This experience prompted them to seek life coaching because they realized they aren’t really sure where they are going wrong. Time flies by and without a clear sense of what your priorities are, it’s difficult to feel that you are making progress. Your life coach will help you identify what really matters to you and define what success looks like for you based on your core values and interests.

There’s a difference between having goals and having goals based on your true self. Many men spend years, sometimes decades, of their lives chasing goals and dreams that came from other people’s visions for them. Pursuits they felt they should have because someone well-meaning and well-intentioned told them what they should do. Your life coach will guide you through a process of self-exploration that will help you determine what it is you really want for your life.

Aside from maintaining direction and balance in life, I find men struggle just as much as women in their intimate relationships. In fact, I don’t know anyone who can’t benefit from some guidance in this complicated area of life. Relating is hard work, and coaching is a great way to enhance your relationship skills and become a better partner.

How Do You Choose a Life Coach?

A relationship with your life coach is just that- a relationship. Therefore it requires what any healthy relationship does- trust. When choosing your life coach, take care to select someone you feel at ease with and comfortable opening up to. Most life coaches will offer a complimentary strategy session or consultation- take advantage of this opportunity to talk with a few different coaches and choose the best fit.

Make sure to select a trained life coach who is certified and has positive reviews from previous clients.

My coaching philosophy at Mud Coaching is that success requires meeting struggle openly and as an invitation to discover a new way of being that brings you in alignment with who you are and what you want. I also believe that no one succeeds alone. I love getting in the mud with my clients and helping them find the nourishing seeds of wisdom in it that will help them grow into the people they’re meant to be.

Would you like to learn more about how I help men live with direction, purpose, and balance for more fulfillment in life and love? Let’s spend 45 minutes together! One-on-one consultations and sessions are conducted remotely and on a flexible schedule that fits your needs. All coaching communications are strictly confidential.

Are you a man who has learned to thrive with the help of a coach? Do you have any thoughts, comments, or experiences to share? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to email directly at to keep the conversations about men’s life coaching going.


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