[Audio] 4 Rules for Owning the Heck Out of the Day

(intro music: Good Love by Zola Blood)

Days come and days go. I mean, let's face it- time just flies on by. With the arrival of each new day there's a starting point that is all your own, and that starting point is determined by how you tackle the days that precede it. Are you slowly progressing toward your goals and dreams from one day to the next, or are you progressing in leaps and bounds?  The difference between slowly trudging daily in the creation of your best life and rocking through like a badass can be as simple as following 4 super simple rules.  

At the core, what's required for rocking it daily involves clarity and intention. Why am I getting out of bed today?  What do I want to have accomplished by the time I return to this bed? Being able to answer these questions is critical. Take a moment to stop and ask yourself if you have clarity about where you are going. Ask yourself if you know how you intend to arrive there?

Once that foundation is set, the following 4 rules will maximize your daily progress. Stick to these, and watch your life take off in a direction that excites, motivates, and fulfills you! Are your ready? Ok, let's get to the rules. And I call them rules because this is a regulatory process; a way to control yourself in ways that bring about the results YOU want. These are rules that encourage expression, not suppression. 

Rules for Owning the Heck Out of the Day and Actually Living Your Dream Life:

Rule 1: Have a Morning Ritual- yes, on weekends/days off too!

How you spend that first hour of your day matters- like, a lot.  Do not fool yourself into thinking otherwise. Are you getting up and rushing around to get out the door? This routine will screw you. Seriously. Don't do it. Just. Say. No. The first rule is about owning your morning, not letting it own you. What do you want and need to become focused, energized, and collected at the start of every day?  Do you need a pep talk? A walk around the neighborhood? A delicious cup of coffee in your favorite mug? To read an inspirational text? An orgasm? A visit to the gym?  Meditation? The New York Times? Vanity Fair? A bubble bath? Prayer? All of the above? The ritual is up to you. The point is that you start the day off empowered in whatever way you decide gives you that confident ready feeling to tackle the heck out of every hour. Start each day off connecting with yourself, and intentionally preparing for your best day yet, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Rule 2: Do the things that suck first

You have your to-do list in front of you and you begin to focus in on the things that aren't unpleasant and might even be things you enjoy. Stop that right now! Instead, highlight the tasks that make you go 'ugh' and begin with those. Just get them done! Be a warrior for your future. Commit to this process. Once you get through the 'ugh' tasks, reward yourself (more on this in rule 4). Now you have permission to do the not-so-bad and fun tasks. End with those. And speaking of to-do lists...

Rule 3: When creating your to-do, don't be a doe-doe head

Daily lists of to-dos should not include things like "lose 30 lbs", "discover my life's purpose", and "find my soulmate." Your list should include small steps toward your larger professional and personal goals that are feasible and realistic and can be checked off as you progress through the day. The length of your list should also be feasible and realistic. Ask yourself, 'what are the 3 most important things I can achieve today?" Start there. Create a task list that includes the various areas of your life- spiritual, physical, professional, relational, emotional. Be real about it. (For more on effective goal-setting, learn about S.M.A.R.T. Goals.)

Rule 4- Reward yo-self

You ROCKED the day. You got up early to set your intention for the day and revved yourself up to attack it. Then you did some tasks that weren't much fun but that were crucial to your success. You spent time deliberately setting goals you know you can reach and you reached them. You deserve a damn reward! This will also give your brain a nice flow of good feeling chemicals that will make you want to wake up tomorrow and do it all again- how's that for a fair trade? Make sure your reward is not something that will inhibit your progress- like drinking an entire bottle of tequila. But definitely make it fun! Maybe you binge watch your favorite show, have some ice cream, or take a nice long bath. Whatever it is, enjoy every second and know that you earned it. 

Not too difficult right?  All change feels like a struggle, but living by these 4 rules will make it all worth it when you begin seeing the growth and progress you want to see in your life. Would you add anything to this list?  I want to hear your ideas! Post a comment or email me with your thoughts!